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Woodpecker Exotic Retreat & Spa, nestled near the Ganeshgudi Forest Area in Dandeli, offers a unique experience for those with a passion for luxury, adventure, nature, and wildlife. It redefines luxury, making it the top choice for adventurers who desire to be in close harmony with nature while enjoying the utmost comfort. Tucked away in lush evergreen forests, enveloped by dense deciduous trees, and teeming with diverse flora and fauna, Woodpecker provides an ideal blend of luxury and jungle living.

The hospitality industry demands a rich tapestry of humane qualities to not only succeed but to thrive. Having dedicated ourselves to this field for over a decade, our greatest joy lies in expanding our services to a wider audience. Our deep-rooted appreciation for comfort, luxury, wildlife, a profound connection to nature, and an unwavering passion for hosting have culminated in the creation of Woodpecker Exotic Retreat and Spa.
Our location was meticulously selected, prioritizing safety, to offer a luxurious experience in the heart of nature, surrounded by wildlife. At Woodpecker, we offer an exceptional stay experience, including a morning walk guided by the renowned naturalist Mr. Vishnumurthy, enabling you to spot indigenous birds and local species. Each room is lovingly designed and decorated to provide an unparalleled experience, gracing every cottage, and reflecting the care and dedication we invest in serving our guests.

Our talented chefs consistently deliver delectable dishes that rival a home-cooked meal. The placement of our bamboo cottages is thoughtfully executed to minimize environmental disturbance, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. We invite you to visit for a vacation and stay for an unforgettable experience. This is not just a belief but a promise that the Woodpecker Exotica stands by.

We are Woodpecker Exotic Retreat and Spa, where the pleasures of life meet the beauty of the great outdoors.

Woodpecker offers luxurious eco-friendly cottages in the heart of Ganeshgudi Forest, providing a perfect fusion of modern comfort and natural beauty. These accommodations boast breathtaking views of the lush forest and Areca Nut Farm, and each cottage is equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay. Guests can wake up to the soothing sounds of nature and have the chance to spot a wide variety of wildlife, birds, and butterflies in their natural habitat. Woodpecker is the ultimate destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and the great outdoors, making it an ideal choice for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

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